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The superintendent heads the Hamilton County Department of Education and is appointed by the Board of Education. He is responsible for executing federal, state and local education policies in the county school system.

Rick Smith was named HCDE’s superintendent in 2011.

The superintendent is not a voting member of the school board, but he and the department works closely with it to draft local education policies. He serves on the executive committee, along with the board chairman, and keeps members updated on issues in local schools and the school system.

The superintendent supervises local public schools, oversees personnel, prepares HCDE’s annual budget and makes regular reports to school board members and state officials.



HCDE’s administration consists of several major divisions and departments that oversee different functions of running the school system.

Accountability and Testing

Director Kirk Kelley

The Accountability and Testing department is responsible for state reporting on standardized test results, attendance and other student data. The department oversees state and federal tests throughout the school system, as well as compliance with No Child Left Behind and other federal laws and criteria.

Education and Leadership Support

Assistant Superintendent Robert Sharpe

The division of Education and Leadership includes all pre-K through 12 departments that support curriculum, instruction, and school administration and leadership.

Human Resources

Assistant Superintendent Stacy Stewart

Human Resources is responsible for recruiting and maintaining teachers, principals and support staff throughout the public school system.

Campus Support

Assistant Superintendent Lee McDade

Campus Support provides a range of services including school nutrition, health services, athletics, transportation, student records and information technology.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services maintains school buildings and infrastructure. The department is responsible for building safety, architecture, and other aspects of maintaining the school system’s infrastructure.

Business Administration

Director Christie Jordan

Business Administration handles the school system’s finances from budgeting and accounting, payroll, purchasing and risk management.