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Public Works Division

Administrator Todd Leamon

The public works division maintains Hamilton County’s public infrastructure and oversees major capital projects.

Public works also provides regulatory oversight for the unincorporated areas of the county and some of its municipalities.

The division consists of three departments — building inspection, engineering and highway — but also encompasses other services like recycling, water treatment and managing sales and lease agreements for county-owned properties.


Building Inspection

The building inspection department issues permits, examines plans and checks for compliance with codes and regulations for new construction and renovations. Much of the department’s regulatory activity occurs in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County, though some smaller municipalities use its services.

The department is responsible for conducting public meetings and maintaining documents for several building- and zoning-related regulatory boards.

The department also issues beer permits.


The engineering department provides engineering and design for public works projects, as well as inspection and administrative support for new private construction projects.

The department maintains Hamilton County’s road list, monitors traffic signals and reviews and approves new subdivision plans. It also investigates and provides solutions for drainage issues throughout the county.


The highway department maintains county roads, bridges and right-of-ways. The department repairs and paves county roads and parking lots. It removes ice and snow during winter weather events. And it removes fallen trees and dead animals off of roadways. It installs street signs and markers.

The department also maintains vehicles for all county departments.