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Human Services Division

Administrator Don Allen

The human services division encompasses a wide range of government services, programs and responsibilities in Hamilton County.

Major components of the division include the Silverdale Corrections Facility and ambulance services for most of the county. Parts of the Tennessee Riverpark system are part of human services, as is maintenance for county-owned buildings and facilities.

Human services provides more than 200 programs and services to county residents.

The division consists of four departments: corrections, emergency services, maintenance and parks and recreation.



The corrections department oversees the Silverdale Corrections Facility, which is managed by a private contractor. The department monitors activities at the facility, including housing, care and security of inmates.

The department manages other corrections programs as well, including probation, community services and workhouse records.

The department works with the sheriff’s office, the court system, the Tennessee Department of Corrections and Corrections Corporation of America to administer its programs.

Emergency Services

Emergency services develops and implements emergency response plans for the county. It oversees Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which provides ambulance services to most areas of Hamilton County and Chattanooga.

The department coordinates response teams and services for emergency events and disasters, including floods, fires, chemical spills, nuclear accidents and acts of terrorism. It coordinates with federal and state agencies in some circumstances.

Additionally, the department provides training and support for eight volunteer fire departments, three rescue squads and a hazardous materials team.


The maintenance department consists of licensed tradesmen that maintain electrical, plumbing, and heating and air systems for all county-owned buildings, facilities and properties. The department also provides remodeling and renovation services for some county properties.

Parks and Recreation

The parks and recreation department runs the county’s parks and programs for its recreational facilities, including Chester Frost Park, parts of the Tennessee Riverpark system and Enterprise South Nature Park.

The department also provides landscaping services for the County Courthouse, county-owned industrial parks, ambulance centers and the Forensic Center.