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Health Services Division

Administrator Becky Barnes

The health services division is better known as the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department. It serves as the local liaison for Tennessee’s Department of Health. It administers state and federal health programs and enforces TDOH regulations. Much of the division’s funding comes directly from the state.

The health department provides clinical health care, dental care and case management for residents. It archives certain medical records, including birth and death certificates.

The department conducts health inspections of restaurants. And it collects and analyzes countywide health data for other governments, departments and agencies.

In addition to executing state policies, the health department also follows the recommendations of the Regional Health Council, an advisory board of local health care providers, elected officials and citizens.

The health services division consists of five departments: administrative services, environmental health, case management, clinical services and community health services.


Administrative Services

Administrative services provides support to the rest of the health department. This support includes procurement, data processing and billing, medical records, facility management and emergency preparedness.

Additionally, it provides medical records and general information to the public, and it runs the state’s disaster animal response program.

Environmental Health

Environmental health administers state programs for food and general sanitation, rabies control and emergency preparedness and planning.

The department conducts food inspections for restaurants, hospitality venues and other establishments that prepare or serve food.

The department also responds to sanitation complaints in the unincorporated areas of Hamilton County.

Case Management Services

Case management services provides at-home visitation programs that are staffed by nurses, social workers, counselors and outreach workers.

Many of these programs are designed for newborns, pregnant women, children and the elderly. The department also runs a program for people with HIV.

Clinical Services

Clinical services provides treatment and immunizations for communicable diseases, maternal and child health services, primary medical care and dental care.

The department runs a homeless health care center that provides medical care and case management services for homeless people.

It also manages the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) federal assistance program in Hamilton County.

Community Health Services

Community health services collects and analyzes data of health indicators for Hamilton County residents. The department promotes healthy lifestyles and wellness. And it provides staff support for the Regional Health Council.

It provides community assessment and planning for other health organizations, schools, nonprofits and other governments and departments.