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Finance Division

Administrator Albert Kiser

The finance division manages Hamilton County’s financial affairs. It monitors and tracks all revenues, expenditures and assets. It prepares financial reports for county, state and federal agencies.

Finance is integral to the development of the county’s annual budget. It works with the mayor, County Commission and every department and office of county government for six to seven months to arrive at a final budget.

Finance also supervises the purchasing of goods and services from outside vendors. It manages the county’s investment portfolio. It identifies and minimizes risk. It oversees the county’s IT department.

The finance division consists of 4 departments: accounting, financial management, purchasing and contract management, and information technology services.



Accounting tracks and monitors all revenues, expenditures and fixed assets for Hamilton County. The department prepares reports for other government departments and agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

The department assists accounting officials in other departments. It monitors the county’s fixed assets. Finally, it administers the county’s payroll and pension systems.

Financial Management

Financial management administers the county’s risk management program in order to identify financial risk exposures and minimize losses.

The department reviews legal agreements for appropriate insurance requirements, and it handles insurance claims. It also provides technical experience to county officials during the annual budgeting process.

Purchasing and Contract Management

Purchasing and contract management oversees Hamilton County’s procurement process. The department’s director is the county’s legally designated purchasing agent.

In addition to direct purchasing from vendors, the department supervises purchases made by other departments.

The department is responsible for developing and administering standard terms and contracts for the county’s purchases.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services manages Hamilton County’s digital infrastructure, including its public website and countywide intranet. The department provides IT and help desk support for other departments.

The department also runs the county’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which hosts geographic, property and political data for other local governments and agencies.