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The mayor is the chief executive of Hamilton County government. He is popularly elected every four years.

He steers the overall direction of county government and is responsible for managing daily operations. He executes the policies of the state of Tennessee and the County Commission, primarily through the delivery of government services to the public and other offices in county government.

He is the county’s chief financial officer and is responsible for its financial assets and liabilities. He presents the county’s budget to the County Commission each year and requests money from the county trustee to fund operations.

He has some oversight of the County Commission. He sits on the commission as a non-voting ex officio member. He signs resolutions into law, or if he chooses, vetoes them.

Additionally, Hamilton County’s mayor, like the mayor of Chattanooga, is a member of several regional boards and commissions. This aspect of the county mayor’s office gives him a great deal of influence over initiatives that affect the entire region.

The mayor is expected to take a leadership role for the whole county. He makes decisions, appoints members of his administration and has a bird’s-eye view of county government. He has a full-time staff that handles much of the day-to-day operations of his office. And he has a large administration that handles the actual delivery of government services.


Many of the mayor’s primary duties are executed by the administration. The administration provides government services directly to citizens or support to other government offices and departments.

The administration consists of four divisions, with each division comprised of several departments.

Finance Division

The finance division manages Hamilton County’s financial affairs. It monitors and tracks all revenues, expenditures and assets. It prepares financial reports for county, state and federal agencies.

The finance division consists of four departments: accounting, financial management, purchasing and contract management, and information technology services.

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Health Services Division

The health services division is better known as the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department. It serves as the local liaison for Tennessee’s Department of Health. It administers state and federal health programs and enforces TDOH regulations. Much of the division’s funding comes directly from the state.

The health services division consists of five departments: administrative services, environmental health, case management, clinical services and community health services.

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Human Services Division

The human services division encompasses a wide range of government services, programs and responsibilities in Hamilton County.

The division consists of four departments: corrections, emergency services, maintenance and parks and recreation.

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Public Works Division

The public works division maintains Hamilton County’s public infrastructure and oversees major capital projects.

The division consists of three departments — building inspection, engineering and highway — but also encompasses other services like recycling, water treatment and managing sales and lease agreements for county-owned properties.

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