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County Commission

The Hamilton County Commission is a legislative body. It primarily oversees the decisions by the mayor, his administration, and other constitutional officers in Hamilton County government. Often, this is accomplished through oversight of public dollars.

The county is divided into nine districts. Each district elects one commissioner every four years.

Commission districts coincide with districts of the Hamilton County Board of Education.


Commissioners meet every Wednesday on the fourth floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse, located at 625 Georgia Ave. The commission typically holds regular meetings every other week. Agenda sessions, followed by committee meetings, are held on the weeks in between. All commission meetings begin at 9:30 a.m.

The meetings follow an agenda, which lists the resolutions commissioners will be considering.


The County Commission makes decisions on resolutions by a simple majority vote. Each commissioner represents one district. Each district effectively has one vote.

Officers and Committees

Once a year, the County Commission elects one of its members to be the chair and one to be the chair pro tempore. The commission chair conducts meetings, oversees the agenda and determines the flow of discussion. The chair pro tempore fills that role when the chair is absent.

Most resolutions are discussed in a committee meeting before they are voted on. Since much of the commission’s business deals with appropriations, many of its resolutions are discussed in the Finance Committee. There are other committees that correspond to some of the other functions of county government.

List of committees online

Public Comment

There is a time reserved for public comment at the end of commission meetings. During this time, county residents may address all nine commissioners on issues they feel are important, excluding zoning, and were not addressed in that particular meeting.