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Hamilton County

The government of Hamilton County consists a mayor, County Commission and other elected consitutional officers.


The mayor is the chief executive of Hamilton County government. He is popularly elected every four years.

He steers the overall direction of county government and is responsible for managing daily operations. He executes the policies of the state of Tennessee and the County Commission, primarily through the delivery of government services to the public and other offices in county government.

He is the county's chief financial officer and is responsible for its financial assets and liabilities. He presents the county's budget to the County Commission each year and requests money from the county trustee to fund operations.

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County Commission

The Hamilton County Commission is a legislative body. It primarily oversees the decisions by the mayor, his administration, and other constitutional officers in Hamilton County government. Often, this is accomplished through oversight of public dollars.

The county is divided into nine districts. Each district elects one commissioner every four years.

Commission members meet weekly at the Hamilton County Courthouse on Georgia Avenue to discuss and vote on resolutions.

Its primary responsibility is to oversee the spending of the mayor, his administration and other constitutional offices in county government.

Commissioners meet every Wednesday on the fourth floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse, located at 625 Georgia Ave. The commission typically holds regular meetings every other week. Agenda sessions, followed by committee meetings, are held on the weeks in between. All commission meetings begin at 9:30 a.m.

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Constitutional Officers

There are many other elected offices in Hamilton County government. Each one has a special function. Like the mayor and County Commission, they are required by the Tennessee Constitution. They are called constitutional officers.

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