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City of Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee. Its government is comprised of an elected mayor and a nine-member City Council.


The mayor is the executive who runs city government.

He oversees a large administration that provides government services. The structure of this government is mostly determined by the mayor himself. The responsibilities of city government are determined by the City Charter and City Code.

The mayor is popularly elected in a citywide election every four years. The current mayor, Andy Berke, was first elected in March 2013. Chattanooga's mayor is limited to serving two consecutive terms in office.

The mayor is required to submit an annual budget to the City Council, which serves as a blueprint for government operations and infrastructure projects.

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City Council

The Chattanooga City Council is a legislative body. It passes ordinances, or laws, and oversees the administration and public spending.

The city is divided into nine districts. Each district elects one council member every four years. Council members are not term-limited.

The City Council meets every Tuesday at 1000 Lindsay St. It conducts most of its business in two different meetings. Council members discuss legislation at afternoon agenda sessions. They vote at evening meetings.

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Other Offices

There are other government offices and elected officials that fall outside of the mayor and City Council.

Two city judges are elected every eight years. The city attorney and auditor are appointed to their positions.

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